Our Story


How we got here......... Alistair and Effie Taylor:

It all came about because our current company Ladderlimb was forced to stop trading due to the coronavirus epidemic and we were unable to get any stock shipped from China.

I decided to have an annual clean out of our storage facility which contained an abundance of pallets. Rather than burn them or send them to landfill I decided to make our granddaughter a miniature picnic bench out of one of them and she chose the colours.

We put a picture of her sitting at it on my Facebook page and within a matter of minutes I started getting requests to see if I would make them and as I have

plenty spare time due to the current situation and an abundance of pallets I thought why not.

Requests for adult versions of the benches soon followed and we are now making them in customers colours instead of basic brown version which seems to be the norm.

We are repurposing pallets which would normally go to landfill which has to be good for the environment.



We have since been requested to make other items which includes a children's playhouse which comes in kit form and is available in any choice of colour customer requests.

We are also manufacturing a sandpit which is available in any colour which again uses recycled wood from pallets.

One thing we have noticed about our granddaughter is her behaviour has changed and she is spending more time outdoors playing with what she calls her pallet furniture. Anything that can get kids away from TV and into the fresh air must be a good thing.


Our philosophy is "Buy me and save a tree".

Alistair and Effie enjoying a well earned break on one of their benches

We are getting fantastic reviews from people who have placed an order and not yet received their products, due to the fact that we are a very eco friendly company due to our use of wood that would have been dumped or burnt and the fact that everything doesn't have to be brown as our products can be supplied in any colour which will brighten up any garden.

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